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My true passion is creating a feeling of "home" through thoughtful design and comfortable surroundings for my family and friends. I have always been fascinated by the process of bringing an empty space to life with the help of color and texture. In 2008 I moved into an 18th century farm house surrounded by acres of farmland dedicated to raising heritage breed animals. Although most of my professional life has been focused in management and design - I can truly say I eagerly await the end of each day so I can return to the peaceful place I call home.


While I have lived in New York City for the majority of my life, I have always managed to sneak away from it to fulfill my need of nature and the countryside. From my childhood love of riding horses to my dream to one day own a donkey named Eli and live in the Cotswolds, I have always been drawn to being immersed in nature. Nature inspires creativity in me, and it provides the necessary balance from the city. Whenever possible, my family and I spend time tending to our home in the country and appreciating the special memories that it allows us to have.

Our Company

We met on a carousel on a warm summer day, long before the internet and cell phones. We were both 17 and away from home for the first time. It was our 2nd day at college and this particular outing was part of our orientation.

I thought Lisa was warm and very friendly and she thought I was loud and obnoxious. Years later she would tell me that she could not believe that I was wearing bright red lipstick to such a casual event.

Over the days, months, years and now decades we have laughed and cried together, leaned on one another - and as true friends do - encouraged each other.

Lisa was a "city girl" and she introduced me to the wonders of New York. In turn, I introduced her to my small home town and shared my family with her.

Over the years, as our careers evolved and we became increasingly busy between work and families of our own, we managed to make sure that we always stayed in touch and involved in each others' lives.

Life changes, as it always does - and now we both find ourselves occupying cozy homes with leaning barns on old, well-loved acres.

During a weekend visit at Echodale Farm this past winter, over many cups of coffee, a few glasses of wine and long conversations, Echodale Style was born.

We hope you enjoy our website and the particular items we have choosen for our inaguration of Echodale Style at Echodale Farm. This is just the start to another adventurous chapter in our beautiful friendship story and we are honored to share it with you.

Gail & Lisa

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